Retire Space Shuttles to the Moon - If we are going to retire the Space Shuttles lets retire them to the moon, not some desert for old airliners or some museum.

Sound Waves Bees and MicroMechanical Flying Insects - There has been quite a lot of talk about taking sound waves to control organic insects with or even to use to stop locust plagues or steer bee swarms.

An Honest Review of the Regis University Online Accounting Degree - If you?re looking to pursue a degree in accounting, but want to find a way to get your education on your own schedule, an online degree is ideal.

The Destructive Power of Vibrational Energies - Harmonic Balance in machinery, structures and even Mother Earth are very important.

American College Of Cardiology - Health is wealth.

UAVs and MAVs How Small Can They Bee - Can you imagine a UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle as small as an insect or Bee? It appears that the future there will be micro-air vehicles the size of insects, which will help our soldiers in the battle space.

Whatever You Do Dont Forget The Can Opener - Okay, so I was one of those freshmen who brought way too much to college, but there's something to be said for being over-prepared.

A Tribute To Maria Montessori - "The only purpose of education is to teach a student how to live his life ? by developing his mind and equipping him to deal with reality.

Putting the Enemy to Sleep Instead of Killing Him on the Battlefield - In the future there may not be as many casualties on the battlefield as in previous human wars and this is because of new technologies being developed by the United States military's research and development arm; DARPA.

The Greatest College Courses of Today - I have 5 degrees.

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