Financing Education

Where the dollars are: the market for employer-paid continuing education
Once an afterthought, employer-paid continuing education is now an expanding market of growing importance to a wide variety of colleges and universities. With a remarkable range of employers offering tuition reimbursement for work-related education and training, the provision of these courses and programs has become a major source of discretionary revenue for American higher education.

Thinking of the Future, Universities, Student Loans will give you some information about the Top Universities, and provide you with articles and information on Student Loan Consolidations the best ways to save money while you're in University and College. Although many choose not to worry about money and finances when attending University, we believe it's always important to know of the challenges which may follow, so you make the proper decisions today, as each decision you make today has the potential to shape your future for many years to come.


Student Loans
Student loans in Canada are provided by a joint Federal and Provincial program with the amount of and eligibility for a loan different between the Provinces and so depends upon the Province you are a resident of (your Province or territory of residence is decided by where you have lived for the last 12 months consecutively whilst NOT a student). You may, however, attend any educational establishment in the country provided both the establishment and the program of your choice are listed by the assistance office in your province.

Saving For Post Secondary Education
Post secondary education is very expensive in North America and unless you are fairly wealthy will be a worry for most parents. Obviously, not all kids go onto University or College but if they do and you haven't planned for it you could find yourself with a large financial burden. This would probably happen just when most families are looking at finally having some financial security.

Why and Where Buy Used College Text Books 
One of the ways that you can buy used college text books is by using one of the many online websites that specializes in used text books of all kinds. You'll be able to buy, as well as sell, text books for all college and university subjects. Many of these websites will have a customer phone line where you can call with all your questions about the text books that they sell.

Use Tax Credits To Help Finance Your College Education
Students are always on the lookout for ways to help pay or offset the cost of their tuition. There are various government grants and scholarships available to you if you qualify. But what if you don't qualify for these government programs? Don't loose hope there are still options available to you that can help offset those tuition bills.

How to Avoid Student Loan Scams
Looking to get the best student loan is a time-consuming and difficult process. Parents are trying to scrape some money to help pay for their child's tuition, and their child is worried about high grades, post secondary admission and the intimidating aspects of campus life. Moreover, students should be concentrating, and worried about their studies, and not obtaining legitimate financial aid, such as a student loan. This is not reality, for most students entering into post secondary institutions.
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