Retire Space Shuttles to the Moon

If we are going to retire the Space Shuttles lets retire them to the moon, not some desert for old airliners or some museum. Lets use them as a refuge on the moon. You know when people build a house they often rent or live in an RV on the property until it is built?.

Sounds like a good idea right? Sure it does that is why humans do things like this you see. So why can't we do the same thing with the space shuttle? Take a load of building materials, building robots and tunnel diggers. Take a miniature SpaceHab expandable and some machines to make oxygen from what is there.Presto! Pop-up moon colony; so when can we get started on all of this, as the Mission to the Moon by 2072 is simply BS. They are talking about going to the moon in 2020? Forget it; that is way too long and is a pitiful excuse for any sort of goal.

Who thinks of this stuff anyway? 2020, my gosh you would think that the whole space program got tabled for some reason. What a bunch of weak-minded pansy asses?.Look we have the technology to set up a temporary Moon Colony this year, so lets just do it to prove we can. Then everyone will get all excited and we can put some real hard charging energy back into our space program.

The PR will be great for America and it will show the World who has got the spirit; we got the spirit yes we do! Prove it then. Consider this in 2006.

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