UAVs and MAVs How Small Can They Bee

Can you imagine a UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle as small as an insect or Bee? It appears that the future there will be micro-air vehicles the size of insects, which will help our soldiers in the battle space. Imagine 1000 little micro-mechanical insect size flying MAV's attacking each soldier of your enemy.Obviously at that point your enemy will not be able to fight you, as they will be too busy fighting off all the micro-mechanical insects.

Indeed as much as this sounds like science fiction this is the world we're headed for in the new paradigm of the future battlespace. Perhaps not in this decade or the next, but within thirty years you will see micro-mechanical man-made insects swarming the enemy on the battlefield.Now then, the question is how do you fight such an enemy that is so tiny if it comes after you? We will need to develop ways to fight off little tiny micro-mechanical MAVs of our enemy since they will go after our troops. Otherwise they will be rendered useless and unable to fight the enemy and therefore lose the battle or be defeated before they have a chance to actually engaged the enemy.

How Small will these micro-mechanical insects become? Well, prototypes have already been designed to fly around under their own autonomous control that are the size of a bee. Consider all this in 2006.


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