Sound Waves Bees and MicroMechanical Flying Insects

There has been quite a lot of talk about taking sound waves to control organic insects with or even to use to stop locust plagues or steer bee swarms. But the more I look at this the more I want to build a micro-mechanical flying insect rather than screw around destroying the bugs. Then use the sound waves to help keep them aloft.

It would be great to study them and Bees make the most sense because we already know how to control them. We get a big aircraft hanger and draw lines on the floor and ceiling and then use virtual laser grids in a visible range that the sound will not interfere with.Have the bees swarm across the floor and then turn the device at an appropriate setting of guestimation based on previous acoustic transducer thin film frequencies, which have already been documented in the lab, which coincide with the thickness and density of the wing structures.It would be fun to rev it up to see if we could increase the Bees abilities first and see if the whole swarm moves upward before re-adjusting. Positive; increasing flying characteristics first.

Then destructive later, as you do not want to kill all the bees, we need them later. And even when we use destructive we do so only in a zone or grid using directional sound precision.In an online think tank one member states his choice of experiments; "Two modes need to be attempted; 1. Disrupt the "dynamic sound structures" that I perceive are located under each wing of the bee in the swarm or locust in the swarm; 2. Apply constructive / destructive sound energy that will produce a resonate-frequency that affects the wing structure.

".And I also believe that all the information gained will be of value to many other projects in the future. Especially to help in micro-mechanical insect swarm flight and defense against it if an any enemy tries anything.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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