Putting the Enemy to Sleep Instead of Killing Him on the Battlefield

In the future there may not be as many casualties on the battlefield as in previous human wars and this is because of new technologies being developed by the United States military's research and development arm; DARPA. New non-lethal weapons along with robotics may in fact dominate the modern net-centric battlespace.Indeed, what we think of as war today may not be anything like what it is in the future. For instance consider if you will be non-lethal weapon, which would put your enemy to sleep. Perhaps for five or six hours and you would drive into the area and remove all the weapons and take the boots off of each soldier and then leave and throw tacks around the perimeter making it impossible for them to walk to out.

It would take them days to pick up all the tacks and they have nothing to fight you with except sticks and stones. You therefore automatically win victory over your enemy without killing them. And since human wars are a matter of political will and the result of political impasse it makes sense not to kill your enemy where he will be your future trading partner and ally.Non-lethal weapons make a lot of sense and this is why the United States military is working on ways to use these weapons to their advantage. And you know what, it makes a lot of sense really.

Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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