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Health is wealth. To support this, many organizations, profit or non-profit, have been trying to develop and widen the area of maintenance of the good health of people. These organizations hold themselves responsible for finding a cure for most diseases that has been plaguing people for years.A nonprofit organization and association that caters to cardiac health care and health policies is the American College of Cardiology. It is also commonly known as the ACC.

This medical association had its humble beginnings in the year 1949. At present, the American College of Cardiology is responsible for 39 chapters scattered in the United States and Puerto Rico.The American College of Cardiology holds six core values that guide it in its line of work in promoting and maintaining cardiovascular health. The six core values of the ACC are professionalism, knowledge of cardiovascular medicine, value of the cardiovascular specialist, integrity and ethical behavior, being member driven and volunteerism, and inclusiveness.This nonprofit association deals with cardiac health aims to educate the public on the basics and innovations in Cardiology.

It also aims to carry out and promote research, so as to facilitate better care for the cardiovascular organ. It points toward influencing cardiac health care and public policies on heart care. Aside from that, the American College of Cardiology directs itself toward applying the association's standards and guidelines in the study and practice of cardiology. It carries the mission of promoting quality and excellent cardiovascular care.Planning and preparation is essential for the ACC.

Without this, the association's goals and aspirations will go down the drain. This also gives the ACC the chance to analyze and interpret any changes in their line of work.Everything is prone to change, and the American College of Cardiology accepts this as a part of their profession.

Thus, the association also adapts to changes in cardiovascular care and in the medical profession. However, the ACC makes it a point that it would not lose its touch on its guiding core values.

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