The Destructive Power of Vibrational Energies

Harmonic Balance in machinery, structures and even Mother Earth are very important. Any wheel, shaft or part which spins can go radically out of balance and cause incredible vibrational problems and break the bearings, parts or destroy the entire unit.When discussing the Earth and the possibility of polar ice cap melting and unbalancing of the planet the thought become less than pretty. Could such an even cause massive volcanic and Earthquake disruptions? Some believe it is possible.It is for this reason that the issue recently came up in an online think thank when one member stated; "I did work for a company for many years, which used the concept of magnetic resonance to save energy with pneumatic equipment (!). A resonant piston driven pneumatic vibrator drove vibratory automation (parts moving) equipment.

THAT SAID, when the "machines" were not "in resonance", this caused WILD physical fluctuations -- BIG EARTHQUAKES I SUPPOSE YOU COULD SAY -- as unfocused energy drove objects in every direction, including the machine itself.".Yes of course this is part of the issue, the Earth is a system, like a machine or even an organism. Vibrational energy waves is were this reality lives, the balance between chaos. Everything work real fine and lasts a long time; that is to say everything works nicely until Murphy Strikes.

Could Global Warming or Climate Change really be that deadly to our future with tectonic plates slamming into each other, Volcanoes filling the atmosphere with clouds of debris and Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Typhoons on a daily basis? Oh the sky is falling indeed; consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Post Secondary Education

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