College Scholarship Searches - Because of the rising cost of college tuition, more and more students have to apply for scholarships to augment their financial aid package.

Laser Light To Hold Matter Together - If Laser Light can hold matter together that means we can do mining on Mars or the Moon via Satellite.

Fight the Exam Stress - Our life always offers us to take different exams - some or other kinds of trials, where we have to prove our competence, our well being, our determination and our IQ.

Why Do Bees Swarm - We know from nature that small creatures working together can accomplish more when they get together and work as a team.

CO Laser Train Propulsion Post Engine Exhaust Enhancement - Is it possible to take the exhaust from the mighty diesel engines of a locomotive and use it to fire up a powerful high-energy CO2 Laser? Why would you do that you ask? Well consider using it for propulsion.

Locust Swarms How Do They Do It - There has sure been a lot of research on Locust Plagues throughout the world and there is a good reason too.

Contest Needed to Control Insect Swarms - There are many insect type swarms, which threaten mankind.

UAV High Energy Laser Railroad Weapon - The newest high-energy laser weapons are way cool and they are available for ground based units or mobile ground based units like the THEL or even Airborne Units which are mounted in a 747 Jumbo Jet.

Private Investigators - Private investigators, or PI's,are people who undertakes investigations.

Motivate Unmotivated Students With These Surprising Motivators - So many youth believe that they are already prepared to live independently, and don't need anymore training or education before embarking on life on their own.

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