Why Do Bees Swarm

We know from nature that small creatures working together can accomplish more when they get together and work as a team. Swarming is one of the ways that nature's tiniest creatures can do this. Many insects swarm for instance; wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees and even those tremendous Locust Plagues.

When Bees swarm they Buzz and make sounds, but why? One member of a think tank asked this question with regards to tightness of swarming formation; "Are they are communicating with sound energy, which can be interpreted as agreement to fly in a combined general direction?".It could be an excitement thing. Like just before you exert energy you grunt. Or like a wolf pack makes noise. The vibrational energy may trigger hormonal releases of chemicals to the bio-system and may or may not have anything to do with this.

Now then when a formation of 500 birds all turn at the same time one has to wonder if they are not working off an ELF range and their beaks become small antennas and the wing flapping and exertion has there bodies all running the same speed and therefore their minds too.When a Football team is in the huddle and they break and whoooaaa! At that moment you feel as all one. On the same page, all committed and psyched? Could be a bio-logical type response of all species too. Certainly insects and humans have some similar characteristics even though so different in structure.

If you have ever had your adrenals rush you have a winding up affect and it seems as the insects swarm they are winding up synergy building on synergy? Is the sound transferring energy or adding to it. 1+1+1=5 as can happen with sound waves building up, the punch of each wave individually is less than the combined pressure build. [don't worry, I am not impeding on conservation of energy theory].I would say to answer this question that sound plays a part in the "whooaaa" affect like it does with Hyenas, wolves, football team, army soldiers, Indians and insect swarms. But that is a hunch.

It seems they razzle each other to become more excited and release the chemicals making them super organisms for a spell. Like animals or species, which encircle their prey. Or like some religious cult like groups find synergy in circles, like spinning the energy.Humans seem to have vibrational energies, which can cause an almost evangelical forceful change in a listener.

Anyone can do it and when you really believe in something, you body probably makes an extra vibrational pitch in the vocal cords, you may not be aware of. I have noticed doing this when giving speeches and all of a sudden everyone is extra attentive as if it signals a release of a chemical or extra brain wave, it is as if they all at once everyone in the room shuts up and listens? So vibrational energy, buzzing, human speech whatever in bio-systems is really powerful. Almost as if it can stop the wind or start it again. Seriously it is fascinating thing really.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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