Locust Swarms How Do They Do It

There has sure been a lot of research on Locust Plagues throughout the world and there is a good reason too. Locust Plagues can wipe out an entire crop in minutes and devastate hundreds and thousands of square miles of agricultural lands.The problems created by these massive locust swarms has been recorded thru writings in ancient and religious history. But some are now asking how do they do it? How do locust swarms fly hundreds and hundreds of miles over water without stopping, landing or food to replenish the energy? One researcher; Mr. Warren Powers ponders the idea and recently stated in an online think tank;."I suspect a swarm that manages the long voyage across Lake Victoria [Africa] is using either a group harmonic to assist in the lift of the whole swarm, or a relay flap technique.

The relay 'trick' would be more difficult to establish, but may be possible with high-speed video.".Mr. Powers wants to use this knowledge to disrupt them in flight and stop a Locust Plague and turn the locusts into fish food. And you must admit that this is an interesting theory on the relay trick; although these swarms really do appear to be swarms not like birds in formation. That should be determined prior to this ambush of the locust plague on Lake Victoria.

Warren states; "I think if you stood under a swarm you would feel a downdraft or downward flow of air from the swarm. Each member of the swarm increases the velocity of the downward airflow, thus each member of the swarm expends less energy than would a single individual locust in normal individual flight.".A magic carpet of ground cushion; layer upon layer? The last layer is the ground? Hard to say; but I like this line of thought.Warren states; "It takes less energy to increase the velocity of moving air than it takes to initiate velocity of still air.

The single member of a swarm expends less energy to navigate in the swarm than as an individual. This may account for their long distance capabilities.".Indeed I have considered this too, but I do not know. I also have a question do the swarms land on water and make a virtual island cannibalize and take off again? Those on the bottom die so the swarm can survive. This was a question, which I have not had answered in any of my literature I have read either off or online.

I would like to know that answer to either confirm it or move onto another theory like yours with more sureness.Truly a fascinating and plausible theory of the locusts and how they do it; if this is how they do it, what a tremendous evolutionary step indeed. What an incredible insect. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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