Contest Needed to Control Insect Swarms

There are many insect type swarms, which threaten mankind. For instance killer bees or the very devastating Locust Plagues, which can wipe out a seasons crops in minutes. It appears that we maybe able to control insect swarms in various ways; for instance sound waves, which are directed into the heart of the swarm.And so this discussion came up recently in an online think tank when one member Warren states; "The experiments to make that determination are expensive by their very nature. That is why www.bose.

com and the American Technologies Corporation or other people, SONY or about 10 other sound-related companies need to be involved. This would open a market for their equipment and showcase their expertise.".This could be made a contest to see who could re-create a micro-mechanical swarm and use these principles once they are learned with each team getting sponsors like those you mention above to show there stuff. And yes the experiments would lead to worthy commercial products such as insect sound walls, agriculture uses and a solution to controlling locust swarms.

Warren states; "I want to see this sound-weapon concept tested to determine if it is only so much wishful thinking or to see if there could be a way to return some of the misery these critters have extended to many of us who use and enjoy the written word; wouldn't mind returning the favor to those nasty little flying bastards.".Funny you should mention this, as a young adult I was hit by a swarm of yellow jackets or hornets and they got into my hair and they are tough little guys to deal with, I cannot imagine what a large swarm would be like. I defeated the mini-swarm by running away as fast as I could and then flat handing my head over and over trying to kill them, they would not stop. Pretty robust little guys I'll tell you.This locust thing is a tough one considering the size of the swarm and the power requirement, but the more I consider all this the more I wonder why can't we use a sound reflector and thus use their energy to cancel their sound or a directional sound dampener system, which I am not sure exists or what something like that is even called? Perhaps we should consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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