Laser Light To Hold Matter Together

If Laser Light can hold matter together that means we can do mining on Mars or the Moon via Satellite. It means we can hold radioactive containers together and tighten them up before they fail in order to store our nation's nuclear waste. It means we can repair wing spars on old aircraft or strengthen metal fatigue on bridges, buildings, and ships. It means we can control matter from a distance and thus the potential eventuality for the next killer application is truly endless, not to mention mind boggling to boot.

Just imagine all the applications in recycling products, protecting levees, virtual walls of water or even thickening of the air to stop major storms. In fact there are so many potential applications that this will truly be one of the greatest discoveries of our present period and will lay the ground work for mankind to go to the next step when we control our total environment.Can you think of potential uses for laser light in your field or industry? Have you considered all the ways we can use various spectrums of light and lasers to make our world better and protect our civilization from International Terrorists, Mother Nature and Catastrophic Natural Disasters? Holding matter together in chemical manufacturing makes sense too. How about CAD CAM to concept or turning the virtual holographic world into a temporary reality while you fine-tune your creation? Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

Post Secondary Education

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