The History of the Printing Press - Copyright 2006 business-cards.

The Graduation Speech Farewell And Hello - Anyone who has ever graduated from anything - high school, college, or perhaps a program lasting only a few months - has sat through a graduation ceremony.

Why Should You Become A Lifelong Learner - I am a student, a teacher, and a mother (in order of the role's appearance in my life).

Learn To Love Book Summaries - I have been a college professor for nearly twenty years.

MASTERMIND GROUPS for enhanced learning - Copyright 2006 Lisabeth Protherough.

Orange County Schools Build Civic Education with Disney - If it wasn?t a big enough perk to grow up next door to the Magic Kingdom, Orange County high school students are also being sought out by nonprofit organizations in their area.

Miami Schools Get Top Marks this Year - Most of Miami Schools Earn an ?A? from the State of Florida.

Save Time And Gas Earning Your Degree Online - It used to be that if you wanted to go to college and earn a degree, you a little financial aid from your parents and a little more from a part time job.

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