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It used to be that if you wanted to go to college and earn a degree, you a little financial aid from your parents and a little more from a part time job. That worked when life moved at a slower pace, a few years back but in today's fast paced lifestyle, it would be near impossible to work and go to school simultaneously. There just isn't enough time in the day.

Factor in the high cost of schooling and its easy to see why so many people are frustrated when trying to figure out a way to get a college education.

One thing you can do to make getting a degree more affordable is apply for grants and student loans. That will help with the cost of schooling itself but what about transportation from school and work? The cost of gasoline is forcing many people to simply stay home. One remedy would be to earn your degree at home with an online course.

Because of the increasing demand, many universities are developing online classes and programs today. A quick Google search will reveal dozens of well known universities that offer courses.

Colorado Tech University has a program that is very much like attending the university offline. You start by paying your $50 enrollment fee and then work towards getting accepted into your classes. Just like being in the offline world you will be interviewed and assessed, you'll have to prove yourself before you can start class.

If you are thinking that entry to an online school has got to be easier that an offline one, think again. Before online schools will even consider you, you have to write a reason why they should consider your application. You'll be asked questions that will be centered on why you want to get a degree, why you think you could master the courses and why you chose their particular school.

Going through this process is common among online universities these days so be prepared to make a good impression.

Now if you're thinking that going to school online is going to save you a ton of money, not so. A college education is expensive. Weather you go offline or online, be prepared to spend a small fortune for your education if you are going for more than just a basic degree.
Associates, Doctrines, Masters, PHD or Bachelor's degrees are pretty much necessities if you want to get ahead of the competition. In fact, even an Associate Degree doesn't hold the status that it once did.

That being said, the standard degree will cost you around 20 thousand dollars and that is a conservative amount.

Instead of the traditional classrooms with a professor, your classrooms will be labs and chat rooms where you can go online to get help with about anything you need. You WILL need to learn and exercise MPA/APA style, since this is the best method for online courses. Common courses offline focus on various other styles, but online you will have to master APA/MPL otherwise you may face penalties.

There are a few colleges online, such as Professional Career Development that are less extreme but you will be earning nothing more than a degree, or else Associates. These classes are inexpensive and the workload is less dramatic so for some this is a plus.

The downside is you will not have cyber libraries with this college. You can receive help from instructors, but as in most cases you do get what you pay for - you have to reach long and far to get the help you will need to earn your degree.

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