What Will Our Railroad Look Like in Years

Have you seen the cool pictures of high-speed trains in other countries, with their sleek bodies and capabilities of speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour? Wow. This can all be possible in the United States as well you know. In fact many companies are joining with government agencies to see this reality thru in the next 50-years.

I think you will find this subject fascinating and you may also very much enjoy reading on all the latest technologies available to make such transportation even safer.http://www.worldthinktank.

net/art104.shtml.Another interesting thing about the last 50-years in Rail Road is of course the massive consolidation and the incredible re-integration of the ports and World Wide shipping allowing for maximum flows in Trade.

php?s=9caa65ed493e6fae99230720e61de498&act=Print&client=printer&f=8&t=2.This also allows for stability in World Politics and opens markets for the United States and emerging nations, as well as keeps us bound to allies and new friends with older civilizations. It allows for more stable money flows throughout the World.

php?showtopic=150.And since the United States middle class are big consumers and our GDP so huge we move money flows around the world helping all peoples achieve a higher quality of life if they choose to participate and remain friends. Recently we have also seen better security to insure safety from International Terrorist Threats with High Tech systems and we have in the last decade, especially the last five years seen an incredible use of attaining more efficiencies by rail due to the scheduling software and latest AI decision making programs. In NJ and Bay Area in CA, we have seen advances in people moving transportation systems, and although not cheap, much more efficient and safe.

Having trust in rail brings people to use it and that means less traffic, less fuel used and more productivity. Same thing when airlines are able to run on time, all the time and the airports become transportation hubs with scheduling all integrated with ground transportation. Consider all this in 2006.

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