Weather Satellite Data Needed if We Are to Ever Control The Weather

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to control the Earth Weather systems to prevent flooding and adequate rainfall for crops? What if we could lessen the Typhoon and Hurricane Seasons? Can you imagine what a gift that would be for mankind? Imagine it all; imagine that and then consider the lack of data and knowledge we have? There is an issue of concern with weather satellites; GAO Report Foresees Gap In Weather Satellite Coverage.

You see whether or not mankind has a percentage of blame or the sun and the Earth's Climate Change, Global Warming or the normal converging cycles produce such events of earth warming temps is quite irrelevant in hindsight. It is easy to see if we try to cut industry and power etc. we will collapse many a first world nation and along with the lack of water supplies, growing populations the human race will backslide.Being as this is unacceptable, we need to work on weather control and to do so we need good data and as much as we can get, so without strong data collection we could make a mistake, that is also unacceptable, we must control the weather to keep the cycles in check as they do their thing, it is possible and we must proceed with this line of thinking. Perhaps you might like to respond to this? Maybe this is something we should all be thinking about? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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