Vortex Flows of Fluid Considered and Discussed

The study of vortex flows can assist scientists in studying Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Cyclones, Typhoons in weather. Vortex flows are also important in efficiency of motion of boats, aircraft and Jacuzzis. Then there are ways to use these flows to generate energy too. Indeed pipelines and even toilets must use the physics of vortex flows. Perhaps it is for this reason that recently a couple of think tank members brought up the question, as one of the members stated.

"I was also reading about this interesting study from the Technical University of Denmark, where physicists have been studying liquids in cylindrical plexi-glass containers. The container doesn't actually turn and a plate is attached to a motor driven shaft and spins at up to 7 revolution per second inside the container, while the vessel remains still. They used both water or viscous ethylene glycol. The spinning platter swirled the liquid above to create whirlpools, whose throats tapered to some interesting shapes at the platters surface.

The shape transformed as the speed increased, changing from circular to elliptical to propeller shapes to squares to pentagonal and finally to hexagonal shapes.".Vortex fluid flows are interesting to study in Space from waves, air from wing tip vortices, tornadoes, hurricanes and etc.

I have been doing studies myself but all in my mind, visualizing them. Fun stuff. I have been considering so many uses from generating wind to take out hurricanes, propulsion in space, wind cars, CO2 Laser post exhaust power for aircraft, ships, cruise missiles, cars, trains etc. I think it is very interesting and relevant to everything in this dimension actually. Fascinating stuff and humans only seem to be able to comprehend some of it, they cannot seem to imagine the rest? Interesting, because I can quite easily? It is as if the human mind and creativity cannot easily imagine things that it does not experience, see or know to exist, I wonder why that is really. Or should I say most all humans? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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