Vision Systems For Energy and Communication Waves

There are so many different frequencies emanating from so many different devices, organic life and even the Earth itself that it is difficult to detect all these waves. In the battlespace we often are able to detect enemy frequencies and often pinpoint their origin and thus able to target that electromagnetic signature. Unfortunately our systems often do the same.One tactic used to stop the enemy from communicating is to use an electromagnetic burst to take out all electronic devices. Yet in doing so you lose your ability to see the enemy's emissions and possible electromagnetic signatures to target them. Of course in doing so your enemy has lost their ability to communicate and thus you have slowed down their reaction time and ability to fight, hopefully you have also helped in diminishing their will to fight as well.

We can make vision devices which will allow us too see those spectrums that the human eye currently cannot see and then we can see where those waves are the most dense and thus indicate where they are emanating from and therefore a potential target. Since we will know which waves are within the frequencies bands we use, we will most likely have a good idea which are friendly and which are foe.All those from the bad guys will be eliminated first and then those, which are similar or could be eavesdropping waves, will be looked at in greater detail before firing upon. It may also allow us to discover signals, which are being acquired or hacked of our own systems and thus allow us to provide the enemy with misdirection to get them to make a move, which will serve our will.Either way we need more R and D monies in these visual energy and communication wave systems for soldiers in the form of handheld devices for the modern battlespace. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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