Types Of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a very special item of jewelry not only do they symbolise love, marriage, commitment and fidelity they hold history that dates back centuries. In fact years ago these rings were actually made from materials such as plants, grass and even hair. Thankfully today wedding rings are made from stunning metals such as gold, titanium, platinum and white gold.

They often have a gem stone like a diamond sapphire or ruby. The most common type are the plain gold band although there are many other varieties. The standard plain band is sometimes not enough and more and more often people are turning their attention to more details and unique wedding rings. Generally speaking most men do not wear an awful lot of jewelry and their wedding ring is possible the only ring they will wear.

Therefore having something a little bit different can really look stunning and stand out from the rest. Most mens wedding rings are made from platinum due to its strength and durability, however titanium is often overlooked and could prove a popular choice as this metal is not only strong but also holds less weight than other metals, making the ring lighter and easy to wear. Everyone knows that wedding rings are worn on the left hand, however this isn not always the case, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Norway and other western countries wedding rings are often worn on the right hand.

If you are looking for matching rings and want something a little different than the plain gold band but nothing too extravagant then there is always the option to have your wedding rings engraved. Having you wedding rings engraved with a personal message will make them not only unique but extremely personal to both you and your partner. Remember if you do decide to have your wedding rings engraved they will not have much space for many words so most couples opt for having their pet names engraved or sometimes the couple's favourite song. Whatever you do decide to have engraved on your wedding rings this will be a special message between you and your partner. To make your wedding ring unique in a different way could be to choose a diamond wedding ring and choose a color rather than the standard clear diamonds, what do you mean you did not know diamonds could be colored? Yes it is true, some diamonds are pink or blue and although stunning they are more rare than the clear diamond.

There are so many designs and different styles of wedding rings the choice is endless, it really is worth while spending some time researching these rings before purchasing one, shop around and if you decide to purchase a diamond ring bear in mind you can purchase the diamond and the ring setting separate.

Vicki Churchill writes for several sites including Diamond And Sapphire Rings and Diamond Rings and also Snake Rings including how, where & what to buy.

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