The GED Math Test Know the Calculator

For a top score on the GED math test, it's critical to learn the Casio fx-260 calculator, since it's the calculator used for the official General Education Development Test. It's a good idea to get hands-on practice with this Casio, and to understand which calculator functions the test expects you to know. The Casio fx-260 is used for Part 1 of the two-part math test, which covers basic algebra and geometry, data analysis and basic number operations. Each one of the two parts has 25 questions, with 45 minutes slotted, or 90 minutes total allowed for the entire GED math test.

The Casio fx-260 is distributed by the test site center for Part 1 of the test, and then collected before part 2. Calculators can't be used for Part 2. About the Casio Calculator This Casio is a scientific calculator.

It's more advanced than the simpler or more basic calculator models most adults use to balance their checkbooks or to add a grocery bill while shopping. Many of today's high schoolers and even college graduates aren't familiar with the advanced calculators and multiple functions of scientific calculators used in today's technology, science and for advanced financial operations. So calculator skills aren't just important for GED students; knowledge of scientific calculators is important to everyone engaged in today's rapidly changing technological society. Here are some basics to understand about the Casio fx-260 for the GED math test: -- Learn the location of the keys. -- Learn the functions that the keys perform. -- Use the On button to reset the calculator, or to clear the memory.

-- How to use the Clear and All Clear buttons or functions. -- Using number keys 0-9, and basic operation keys for addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. -- Learning the location of the decimal point key, equals and percent, and how and when each is used.

-- Using the Shift key to change other keys to alternate functions. -- How the Change Sign and Fraction keys work, and when to use them. -- How the Square and Square Root keys work, and when to use them. -- The 'Parenthesis' keys are important, since these keys are used to control the order of mathematical operations. -- Understanding the keys to raise numbers to another power, and for exponentials -- 'EXP' key -- used in scientific notation. Does it look complicated? Sure, and the Casio calculator used for the GED test has additional functions that can be used for highly complex mathematical functions.

But don't worry. While it seems like a lot to learn, the test requires only basic knowledge and application of a few functions. And this knowledge will actually help test candidates solve the test's more complicated problems, and in less time. The Casio fx-260 is worth learning.

Understanding goes a long way toward reducing "math anxiety," improving the final GED Test math score and gaining the skills needed in today's technological society. More GED Test Resources For additional GED study tips, test information and free resources on the GED test, official testing sites, financial aid and student support, visit http://www.passGED.

com/. The website also provides links to federal agencies and nonprofits that serve GED students, instructors and workforce development programs. Official test site information is available at http://www. .

By: Leonard Williams

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