The best way to a Camping success

Spending your holiday or week-end on a camping trip can be a very rewarding experience. Camping is great when you are looking for adventure, especially when your destination of choice is an intriguing and exciting environment. Camping is also a way to find the peace and tranquility you wish for, leaving your daily problems behind.

There's no better way to spend your vacation than camping right in the heart of nature. Think about it! If it's adventure you seek, why rent a hotel room when you could set camp on a camping site and get right in the middle of things for a low price and twice the fun! Pack your gear and taste the excitement! Here are some things you should consider when planning a camping trip: Camping in a crowded place is unpleasant so check out if there is some park land outside the campground if you it's privacy you're looking for. If you go camping in the mountains, when checking in to your campsite, ask the ranger if there are any fire restrictions and if bears have been a problem lately.

Be sure to also ask the rangers about any nature programs going on while you're there. They could range from guided nature walks to evening campfire talks. There can be a great difference between expectations when camping at private campgrounds versus camping at public campgrounds (campgrounds in national park, state parks, and national forests). Private campgrounds may offer amenities not found in public campgrounds - swimming pools, restaurants, etc.

On the other hand, public campgrounds are cheaper, usually more spacious, but offer simple restroom and shower facilities. If you're a tent camper, ask upon check-in if there is a tent-only or primitive campsite available. If so, take it because you'll be further away from the noise of RV air-conditioners and generators, things that tent campers in search of well deserved relaxation try to avoid when camping. Whatever type of camper you are, while planning your next camping trip be sure to weigh your wants and needs against the amenities being offered when considering a campground. .

By: David C Skul

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