Strengthening the Brain and Connections

Can we strengthen the brain and its connections by artificial means? Indeed this may be possible and I had a theory on all of this. You see I believe there is a way to strengthen the brain electromagnetically. How could this possibly be you ask? Well let me tell you of a theory I have on the subject, as it might provide at least some clues or a potential puzzle piece.In my theory this could be done by artificially imagining a spinning set of electrical impulses outside the body flowing on the outer circumferences of a sphere at different angles, which would stimulate the brain. And if this theory holds it may be possible to build a device and stick your head in like a beach ball and send impulses around the perimeter moving the blood differently, electric impulses in new patterns and stimulate the brain. I should probably make one some day, it would be an easy experiment really.

If we picked the correct resonance and speed of the electrical charges spinning around and then watched this process on an MRI of the brain we might find the brain enjoys this stimuli and reacts in a very positive way towards it and a way which increases cognition in both a dream state and a waken state. It might also help people rebuild connections, increase memory or allow more complex thought by supercharging the brain so to speak. Well consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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