Space Suit with Mind Reader Enabling Device

Modern NASA Space Suits have all sorts of bio-monitoring devices to alert the command and control in the shuttle or International Space Station of their present condition. Their breathing, pulse, heart beats are all monitored constantly and that data is also relayed to Earth where medical specialists in the World's Greatest Space Program are standing by just in case anything goes wrong.With all these bio-monitoring devices, I believe we should add a device, which scans the brains of the astronaut. This way if they are on the surface of the Moon or Mars and wish to make a movement in these cumbersome suits; the suit itself will sense this and immediately initiate the servos in the suit to make the desired movement. This will enable the astronaut's ease of use and help them perform more tasks in shorter amounts of time without excess expenditures of energy, which could cause unnecessary fatigue.We have the technology to do all this right now and this is a good use for these new human-computer interface robotic research advances.

Currently several top University researchers are working on these things along with DARPA and the US Military is using similar type technologies on Attack Helicopters. The Space Program should look into this to make our astronauts and space suits more productive. Consider this in 2006.

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