Presidential Research Initiatives Not Enough

The Bush administration, no matter how you feel about their policies bought on all the issues or no matter where you fall into the political spectrum has done a supreme job in promoting new technologies in innovations in the United States of America. The alternative energy technologies and other research technologies of our military to protect the American people have been incredible and we should applaud those efforts.However, we must also ask ourselves where do we want to be tomorrow and take stock of where we are today. I submit to you that the presidential initiatives on research and development and the funding that have been secured is not enough. Granted, it is a noble effort and a job well done, but the future demands more of us then our current effort.The research and development of the United States of America needs to be tenfold; that is to say 10 times the amount of money that has been spent in presidential initiatives needs to be funded by the United States Congress and United States Senate and those bills need to be signed by President George Bush.

We must not rest on our laurels as we are on the breakthrough of many new technologies and we must pursue these technologies and other research behind them to press on for the benefit of the human race to ensure forward progression of the human species and we must do it now without delay. We have done a good job so far and now we need to press on to win the game.Losing is for pusses and the United States of America need not be a weak nation as we forged into the future. It is time to get the job done and stop dicking around. We must press on; we owe to ourselves to do so.

Please consider this in 2006 and if you are a weak person do not contact me, weakness is not an American Trait and as an American there is no place for it in my book.

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By: Lance Winslow

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