Offplanet Life Forms Where Will We Find Life and How Similar Will They Be

One can only wonder what other life forms on other worlds await us as we set out to explore the Solar System and our own Universe? Where might we find life out there? Will it be similar to that on Earth? Will intelligent life be similar to humans? Will we find superior species of intelligence to humans and how much more intelligent will they be?.All these are questions that human scientists ponder and they became a topic of conversation recently in an online think tank and one guest member stated; "The possibilities are endless within their venue of possibility. Only a few elements could make up the basic blocks of matter in most cases, as only a few are light enough and flexible enough to support complex molecules that make up most biological matter as we know it. However, in a low-g environment with a greater proportion of such heavier elements - almost certainly a smaller planet, probably significantly so - maybe it could happen there as well.

Who knows?".Interesting and indeed there could be life on Moons, large Asteroids, smaller planets, as well as larger planets or life which requires no platform at all and rather lives in a cloud of matter circulating in the Universe? Interesting indeed. So, consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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