North Carolina Education

North Carolina Education

South Eastern Community College is located in North Carolina in United States serving around 24.8% of all Columbus Country residents, 21.6% of curriculum students from out-of County but only 1% from out of state. Recognition has been earned by the college basically for its associate degrees and sports scholarships.

Campus Features

A public community college located in Whiteville, North Carolina, the college was chartered on February 6 th 1964. With a campus spreading across 100 acres of urban land the college has a big physical campus. In addition it has a very strong web presence as it facilitates various distance learning modes offering online education facilities for students. Accessible educational, social and cultural opportunities that would help improve the lives of the students and use of multiple and alternate methods of instructional deliveries it provides for them continuing educational units, certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees. College does not offer nay campus housing.

Programs Offered

Two years associate degree, and one year diplomas including the online degrees are offered by the college in multiple educational streams that includes fine arts, applied science, general education, and many more. A unique offer is the intercollegiate athletic program that allows students to participate in two games; the women's fast pitched softball, and the men's baseball. All the degrees are up to the associate degrees. However the college offers more program than most other colleges of its size. Common field of study in the college are the conservation, resource management, and construction trades. Offering associate degrees and certificates in over 62 different programs, the college has earned good reputation in the academic circles.


Admission to South Eastern Community College is open and all qualified applicants are admitted through the open admission process. Also the number of faculties per student is much more in comparison to many other colleges of similar sizes.

Financial Aids

Usual federal grants, state grants, scholarships offered by institutions, and student loans are available the details of which can be found on the financial aid page of the college website.

Distance Learning

One of the unique features of the college is the provisions for distant learning with as many as 76 Internet related courses. In addition there are 5 two way video courses and 52 web enhanced courses for the students.

Continuing Education and Economic Developments

Different workforce development classes are organized for the students. New and expanding focused Industrial Training Program is the unique contribution of the university. Some of the latest programs are nursing, broadcasting and production technology, fine arts, agricultural biotechnology, American Sign Language interpreter, Medical office systems, auto repair, and customized classes for potential correctional personnel.

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Advent of computer and Internet has completely revolutionized the world and the greatest impact is felt on educational systems where distance learning has taken the driver's seat. South Eastern Community College provides numerous facilities for distance learning and Michael Russell provides valuable insights about online education on the college website.


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