Moissanite An Amazing Gift from the Stars

Moissanite! As sparkling as a diamond but more brilliant and harder than diamond, moissanite is available at a fraction of the cost and has become one of the more popular choices for jewelry lovers' the world over. If you like high quality jewelry and enjoy the beauty and brilliance of diamonds but can't seem to afford it, then moissanite jewelry is your best and most affordable choice. Indistinguishable from diamond to the naked eye moissanite engagement rings make for the perfect romantic present. If you want to show her that she's your brightest star present her with a moissanite 14K ring set in white or two-tone gold or turn heads with a pair of tear drop moissanite earrings in pure yellow gold.

Moissanite or silicon carbide (SiC) is an incredible, almost colorless jewel that glitters more than any other gemstone in the world. With nearly 2.5 times more fire than diamond, it is in a class of its own and it is not a substitute or replacement for diamond. But it is a unique gem with exceptional dazzle and fire that delivers quality, beauty, and value like no other gemstone. Women across the world find it hard to resist the big and exceptionally bright sparkle of this fantastic jewel! A Perfect Combination of Art & Science Born from a rare geological discovery made more than a century ago, Moissanite is a man-made gemstone.

Discovered by Nobel Prize winning French scientist Dr. Henri Moissan, Moissanite's origins can be traced to some particles found in 1893 in the Canyon Diablo meteor crater in Arizona State. Since these crystals were too small and scattered, they couldn't be set into jewelry.

So for years, scientists worked hard to re-create these rare but uniquely brilliant gems. And just recently, with advances in technology, Charles & Colvard were able to replicate Moissanite! This has made Moissanite jewelry affordable and popular amongst women who want high quality jewelry that is not only beautiful but long-lasting. How is Moissanite Gemstone Created? Today, Charles & Colvard, Ltd. is the only and single largest producer and distributor of artificially created Moissanite. They have patents for the manufacturing process itself, and for its use as a gemstone. Single crystal Moissanite is grown through a proprietary thermal growing process.

Mass production of this gem is difficult as well as expensive. At Charles & Colvard, each Moissanite crystal is crafted by hand to provide maximum brilliance and enhance the spark of the jewel. Most popular shape for Moissanite is round, though it is also available in almost all fancy shapes and cuts such as Princess and Cushion. You can find Moissanite engagement rings, earrings, and pendants in many modern, chic, and glamorous designs; these affordable jewelry pieces are exceptional in quality and have an unparalleled brilliance. More brilliant than diamond and almost as tough, Moissanite is also very durable, which makes it the perfect gemstone to adorn any designer jewelry piece.

Extremely resistant to breaking and chipping, you can be rest assured that your Moissanite engagement rings or wedding bands with Moissanite studs will always stand the test of time reminding your loved one of your commitment and love for them.

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