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Enroling in a Masters degree program and (completing it of course!) can not only provide you with new knowledge and skills, it might also open new career opportunities and increase your value in terms of commanding a higher salary.While a Masters degree isn't a guaranteed way to increase your salary or get a better job - obviously there are other factors that come into play - gaining an educational achievement such as this can do more than simply look good on your resume.As a recruiter, I've worked with some hiring managers who have a personal preference to hire better educated people over less educated ones, all things being equal.I even know of some companies who won't hire staff who don't meet minimum educational requirements. They may not announce this publicly or even on the job description, but it does exist.

A Masters degree is often seen as a distinguishing feature between a candidate who has one and a candidate who doesn't, when they are fairly close in terms of skills and experience.These days, attending a traditional fulltime, classroom-led Masters program isn't your only option either.Online, part-time and other long distance learning options are often available if you have a fulltime job or other time commitments that prevent you from enroling into a fulltime program.

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