Man versus Locusts

Locust Plagues are so serious to humankind's civilization that it makes sense to do more research in order to stop them. One online think tank member and brilliant mind believes he may just have the answer. Mr. Warren Powers wants to use directional sound waves to stop locust storms in their tracks and prevent them from devastating crops and causing human starvation.Warren states; "I suspect the sound energy to disrupt the flight of a swarm of locusts would be significant; I can't even guess how that affects the economics of this device. If it does take a lot of energy to disrupt the flight of a single member in the swarm, then it becomes less of an interesting model to control locusts.

".Yes, but perhaps your concept could take into consideration two-uses of the same technology. First noise canceling to limit the sound emissions of the thundering locusts and two, sound waves to cause departure of flight. You know harmonics could also be used to slowly allow glaciers to deform without total collapse or cause small avalanches each day to prevent the biggie later or stop an Earthquake? All using similar high-powered theories of wave cancellation and sound barriers or walls, all virtual.

Warren states; "If it takes a widely dispersed sound pattern that simply causes such dissonance that the swarm signal is jammed, then that is more where my optimistic senses take my imagination.".Indeed if your theories are right, then of course it will work.

It would be very interesting to see what the sound engineers and acoustic/harmonic experts consider to be possible. It seems we have the technology doesn't it?.It appears Mr. Warren Powers maybe onto a completely new area of acoustic and harmonic science one, which could not only solve our problem with locusts once and for all but also be the answer to many other serious problems caused by nature, which plague mankind. Imagine this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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