Lip balms

During the winter season, the weather is extremely dry and this dry weather affects the skin and the various external parts of the body considerably. If enough attention is not paid to these dry areas, their may result in the formation of dry scales in skin which gives it a terrible appearance. This is one of the reasons why that various cosmetic companies have been instrumental in the production of various moisturizers and creams to help protect the skin from the rough weather conditions prevalent during winter and ensure smooth skin.

The lips of the mouth are also greatly affected in course of this dry weather condition and the problem of chapped lips is quite common during the winter seasons. Dryness of lips results in the skin of the lips being immensely affected and at times it may cause bleeding. This bleeding may be caused as a result of the crack in the lips due to the dry weather.

The most effective means of dealing with this problem is by means of applying lip balms. It is necessary to point out here that one must not necessarily confuse a lip balm with a lipstick. Though they are quite similar in terms of external appearance, it must be noted that they are entirely different in their composition and also functioning. Lip gloss too is quite different form lip balm.

The term lip balm is usually referred to those balms which are devised to be applied on lips only in order to prevent dryness of lips or chapped lips. There are innumerable firms and cosmetic giants who are dedicated to the production of these lip balms and in most cases the ingredients are the same. The most common components which are used extensively in order to compose these lip balms include scented oils, petroleum jelly, camphor, menthol and beeswax among others.

Some other constituents like salicylic acid, aspirin and vitamins are at times found in these products. At present, protection form the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun is advised by all experts and so al the cosmetic products are filled with ingredients which prevent the se ultraviolet rays from causing harm to the skin or exposed parts of the body. This is why many lip balms possess certain components like avobenzone or oxitonate and other sunscreen products which aid against the harmful UV rays coming from the sun.

Lip balms are presently available in different flavors and colors accordingly. These lip balms are available in the market in small enclosures similar to those of lipsticks.

People use high quality lip balm to avoid chapped lips.

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