Japan Robotics and Space Race

Can the Japanese outpace the World in the Race for Space? Some believe that they have good reason to, as they live on an island and need growing room (more space). We know that Japan is heavy into satellite technologies, space research and excel in high-tech gadgetry and robotics. Could Japan really be the main competition in the race for space?.In the last year they have landed on an asteroid, sent up several very high-powered state of the art satellites.

They have universities with prototypes on the drawing boards ready to be built and they are pushing the future of space with the next up and coming generation. Will Japan continue to lead in the race for space, space research and robotics?.Yes, I would have agreed on the Robotic comment three weeks ago, but after the huge Tokyo Robotic Expo, now Sony has exited the robot market, is delaying Playstation III and downsizing departments. Thus such a huge and respected Japanese Corporation will create a small vacuum which will be hard to fill by their smaller companies and put them a couple car lengths back as our US kids with up and coming focus on robotics thru the school level contests. The Japanese "techie" culture is indeed alive and well, although geared more towards entertainment and consumerism.

Consider this in 2006, but do not underestimate the Empire of Japan.

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