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Perhaps you are starting the process of finding the right college to attend. You want to hurry up and graduate high school and get out of the house. You picture yourself at an amazing college surrounding by new friends and having lots of fun.

Hopefully that will become true for you, but before it does, there is one main thing standing in your way: an application.

Application. Just the sound of that word makes some people nervous or overwhelmed. The thought of filling out papers that attempt to sell you and your abilities sounds daunting to some. Take heart, there are a few basic things to know about the application process that will help to set your mind at ease.

Filling out an application perfectly is important, but it is not even the first thing to consider.

Before you start filling one or many out, there are a few things to think about. If you are wanting to attend college there are many questions to ask yourself as the search begins. What do you hope to study? Where do you want to attend school? Does it need to be in your home town or your home state, or can it be anywhere you want to go? How much money can you and your family afford to pay for school? What size and kind of college do you hope to attend? Do you love big universities, or maybe you prefer small private college? These questions are all important to think about before you begin the application process. These questions help you to clarify your goals, but more importantly, they will help you to narrow your search and ultimately apply to a few right schools that fit your needs.

So, once you have decided what kind of schools you want to attend, don't reach for some applications and start filling them out just yet. Instead, it is time to research. I know, you hate the sound of that word, but this is an important step.

Get online or go to a local library and take some time to find schools that meet your ideal criteria. Do not just apply to the same schools your friends hope to attend. If you want a small school in your home state that offers a teaching program, then you can narrow your search to find only schools that fit those demands.

Now, when you have three or four schools in mind that seem like the kinds of schools you might like to attend, let the application process begin.

It will not be as hard as you think if you are prepared and organized to fill out the appliations well. Gather any materials you might need and devote an entire afternoon to the job. Read through each application carefully before you begin to make sure you understand the questions and can provide all of the required information.

Go through the application and answer the questions thoroughly and well. Look the application over once more at the end, just to be sure. Check for spelling errors and make any necessary corrections.

When you are finished with each application simply mail it to the school and wait for their reply. And congratulations! Your perfect college is now a step closer to becoming a reality.

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Denton Krypps became an expert at filling out an application after applying to over fifteen universities. Now, years later, he still loves to give advice about the art of applying well.

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