Iranian Advanced Military and High Tech Weapon Purchases

Many are concerned over Iran having nuclear weapons. You see many feel that since Iran sponsors International Terrorism Organizations that they will give these nuclear weapons and atomic bombs to them to use on civilian populations. In fact they have already stated their intentions to do so if any one interferes with their making of these weapons and have promised to; Blow Israel off the Map!.

Some non-violent folks have suggested sanctions against Iran, but Russia and The Great Empire of China have hesitated to sanction talks at the UN probably because they want Iran to buy more high-tech weapons. Too bad for Iran all these weapons have high-tech satellite RFID Tags in side the actual structures of the weapons? Whoops? You think Russia and China are stupid? No way. They put them there in case Iran turned on them later as Iran is one to do change sides a lot too.

Syria is the wild card with UAE, Saudis with real estate investments in country. They have pull too with US as allies and buyers of American Corporate products, everything from weapons systems, transportation and technology stuff, even franchise businesses. Interesting chess game. We need to take a really good look at the negotiation process and make a strategic decision to make certain we eliminate any possibility of the current Iranian Regime in getting nuclear weapons for the on-going safety of civilian populations. Consider all this in 2006.


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