Ionic Disassembly Unit

So often mankind reaches political impasses with his neighboring governments, which leads to human conflict; that is to say war. Killing one's own species is not necessarily a nifty trait of the species, but one, which is well known indeed. We realize that war is inevitable in the present period but it need not be.Never the less wars do occur and although only one percent of the total number of people who have ever lived on the planet have died in a war they are still a problematic situation we must deal with. Wars so often have other unintended consequences such as destruction of the environment, unexploded ordinance and disease from mutilated bodies. Can we find a way to prevent the environmental harm from human wars and prevent the diseases caused from all these mutilated bodies? I believe we can; how so you ask?.

We need to design weapons, which use ionic disassembly and remove the object or target by scrambling all the molecules and disintegrating the object. Many might say that such a weapon is evil as it completely evaporates the enemy and therefore deprives their family of knowing if they have been killed or simply ran away from the battle, a coward, as so many Arab Warriors have done in the past due to their lack of manhood. No matter how you feel about that thought of so many other intellectuals throughout the entire known world due to their observations; we should consider such a weapon and spend money to develop it, to prevent the spread of disease, which may wipe out scores of innocent lives near the battlespace. So think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Post Secondary Education

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