Intrigued By the Thought of Time Travel

Have you ever wondered why so many people are intrigued by time travel or traveling thru time? We have the greatest minds considering all these things and researchers working on sending signals thru time, computing thru time and with the ultimate goal of sending people thru time. But why is everyone so hung up on time?.The reason humans are intrigued by time travel perhaps is that they are jolted emotionally by the death of a loved one and wish to go back to those times when they were present in this realm. Another reason is that there have been quite historic events in mankind's past which are so interesting people wish they could have been there to witness them. Additionally we have all had times when we had made errors in judgment or in hindsight we feel that we could have or perhaps should have done something different thus preventing an outcome of a certain event, which was not pleasing in its outcome from our perspective.Today time travel is only a dream, yet many scientists do believe this is only the current paradigm in the present period and that time travel will not only be possible but readily available.

Exciting stuff indeed; would you like to travel back in time or to a future time? If so perhaps you might like to consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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