International Understanding and Education

International Understanding and Education

Webster defines education as the process of tutoring or teaching. But that definition would be incomplete if we do not define words such as cultural literacy, development, knowledge and adaptation. It is no secret that international education can benefit any student from any discipline in their studies, career and life.

Studying abroad helps us understand what we really are and what we are made of. By immersing our self in a different deep rooted culture we learn to adapt to a new environment, become more intuitive, resourceful and more tolerant. It will help us prepare our life to face the real world, juggle the hectic career life and family as an independent and self sufficient individual. We will be surprised to find the new challenges we have to face in our everyday situations. Not only do we have to learn news ways of operating things but we also have a language barrier to overcome. This will bring about a positive change in our lives.

Another very important advantage of international education is that we get a chance to add an internationally accepted degree from a renowned university to our academic credit.

In the case of research oriented courses, an international course is always an added benefit as the students get a chance to interact and be a part of live projects. For example, recently, an international team of scientists, led by the UK, has been given the go-ahead to explore one of the planet’s last great frontiers – an ancient lake hidden deep beneath Antarctica’s ice sheet. The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) has awarded £6 million to a consortium of multidisciplinary research centres, including the University of Bristol in association with the research.

This world has education programs to fit every student from any academic background be it be computer games technology, nursing, media, sports. The possibilities are virtually endless. But it is up to us to determine the right course for our taste. This will definitely help us secure a job to our liking. The potential employees will be impressed that we not only have unique perspective about our own culture but a different culture as well. Overseas studies would have by then given us the courage to take independent decisions and also given us the courage to take risks as and when needed. All these qualities will appeal well to an employee. Moreover, most of the companies maintain good international relationships and hence an international degree will always be an inherent benefit on our behalf.

Though not many an international education do have its disadvantages. Firstly not everyone will have the financial background to pay for high tuition fee and at the same time cover all the living expenses for the entire period of study. But this problem can be solved to a great extend if the universities could grant sufficient scholarships to the needy. Secondly, there is a matter of brain drain. Most of the developing countries like Pakistan ,Africa and China do not have many renowned institutions to their credit. Hence they often lose their young talented brains to other countries where the quality of education and new standard of living allures them to abandon their native countries forever.

If the disadvantages are taken care of then there is no doubt that international education will benefit any student from any walks of life.

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