Increasing Lift via Vortex Eddies with a Pre Leading Edge Device

One great revelation in the aerospace industry is designing wings, which create small cyclone airflows over the wing. The mini-horizontal Tornadoes "suck" the wing up ward as the airflows go over the top of the surface. Now then in speaking of such induced above wing turbulence and vortex eddies a though had occurred. I had an idea and concept of creating a pre-leading edge devices, that would pop out from the leading edge of an aircraft and there would be 30 per wing.These protruding devices would pop out and stick up from the top of the leading edge about 8-10 inches at a 22 degree angle with a shape which started a violent vortex rotation of the relative wind over the wing.

Used for take off and landing, instead of or in addition to slats. This would improve lift and allow us to shorten the wings and thus allow for better high-speed characteristics and less parasite drag. This also means less weight for the aircraft, which would translate to fuel economy.

Less fuel needed for intended range would increase useful load and thus make the entire project worthy of further investigation and prototype development to prove concept? Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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