How To Get College Credits With Just One Test

If you are an expert or even generally knowledgeable in some field of study should you really have to take an entry level college courses? With the CLEP exams the answer is a resounding no. These exams allow you to finish a whole course with just one test.Called the College Level Examination Program or CLEP for short, these exams were designed so that you can prove you have the knowledge to carry on into upper level classes.CLEP exams are offered for just about every type of course. From English composition, to calculus, and then back to American history there is a CLEP for most courses. Each of the exams is intended to cover the material that you would study in a one semester course.

Most CLEP tests are 90 multiple choice questions but some, such as English composition, have essay sections.Unfortunately there is one catch to the CLEP exams. As with all education they cost some money.

Currently each CLEP exam costs $55 to register. As you can see compared to a college credit this is quite the bargain. When you also add in the time it would have taken for the course this becomes quite the bargain. One final note on payment is that the American government pays for all military personnel to take CLEP exams, so if you're just getting out of the service and looking for more education this can be a great start.

One note of warning, before signing up for CLEP, make sure your college accepts these tests. Although they are currently accepted at over 2900 colleges there are still some that do not accept CLEP exams as credits.


One great way to prepare for a CLEP exam is to use study guides. For reviews and information on online resources please visit CLEP Study Guides Reviewed(

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By: Andrew O'Shea

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