Fighting a Swarm With Swarming Techniques in the Battlespace

New methods are being developed to mimic the evolutionary tactics of insect swarms in warfare. This makes sense because we know for instance a killer bee swarm can take down a large animal in a short amount of time. Such tactics are nearly guaranteed success to propel an intruder or predator from their hive or territory. In defending a location, swarming tactics make a lot of sense.In attacking a target swarming maneuvers also make sense. The insects generally are defensive in nature and use the swarming tactics in protecting their domiciles or hives.

It makes sense to do this and thus why over millions of years they have refined this technique and tactic to a precise method with devastating tactics to their prey.But who is the prey? After all if they are defending their civilization or hive, then they are the prey and protecting themselves from the predator, which is much bigger than they are. Why do the insects always win? Well because their attackers are not using smart tactics against them. If you want to beat a swarm it makes sense to use swarm tactics to beat it.

For instance if your enemy attacks using a barrage of munitions against you which either has artificial intelligence or human intelligence using machines, then you need to use swarming theory to stop them. If a group of torpedo bombers or incoming ship missiles are attacking your fleet then you need to concentrate on the center of the attack and kill the most number of units at once, then disperse what is left and allow them to reconfigure while you pick off clusters as they re-form.Additionally it will be necessary to understand ad hoc group formations and how they adapt and naturally form in order to predict the next move. How can we study such tactics? Well let's look towards insect evolution and disperse their groups and watch how they reform groups naturally or how social networks are formed in animals, humans, birds, reptiles and insects. In doing this we can predict where to fire upon next.Simple networks in organic groupings will form in efficient manners of cooperation to propel both the group and the individual.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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