Do Locusts Use Harmonic Resonance to Increase Endurance in Swarms

At least one brilliant theorist believes that there maybe a lot more to the way that Bees and Locusts fly than what we think. In fact Mr. Warren Powers has a theory that they create their own resonance, which helps them stay aloft and do so using far less energy than every considered policy. But how would they be able to deny aerodynamic theory? Well explains Mr. Powers; they are using some additional strategies as he explains in an online think tank.

Warren writes; "Locusts during a swarm over long distances create a harmonic resonance; that is why the swarm can be heard over such distances.".This has crossed my mind, as crossing the Mediterranian Sea or vast Sahara Desert without anything to eat is quite impressive for those little bugs.

I have always wondered how on Earth they do that? Very impressive indeed, but Warren does not stop there as he considers how mankind can benefit from this knowledge to stop the devastation of Locust Plagues.Warren writes; "My proposal is to disrupt that harmony with man made sound energy by inducing a constructive or destructive tone to the swarm. They fall into the lake as fish food. The same technique needs to be tried with smaller distance swarms across land and crops. I think the sound they make is their 'ache-lies heel'.".

All good points, nothing you have said bothers me or causes me concern to the point of debate here. Indeed such experimentation should be done and probably in a big way. It will mean big dollars to travel and be set up at the right points in time. Kind of like chasing Tornadoes to get data, unless we grow our own Locusts and then send them into a fizzy and incite the swarm and then use your theories to turn them off again.

Once we can control them, they are no longer a threat, however we need also rapid response teams around the world near regions of known swarms to stop them. That almost sounds like a job only the US Military could handle? You know what I mean?.

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