Contouring the Landfill Landscapes to Increase Wind Flow Speeds

Currently most landfill when completed are big ugly flat areas and generally many very smart government agencies and/or contract partnerships will build parks on top or something useful. We even find many of them collecting the methane gas and re-using it, as it makes a very good fuel for perhaps city vehicles, ground landscaping equipment or powering up stadium lights for the park. Smart thinking and it makes sense.I would like to propose yet another concept. Lets contour the landscape on the side of the normal wind flows which would be rounded out indentations going up the side of the landfill. This would funnel the normal airflows of the wind thru these areas.

As the wind is further compressed by airflows as it tries to go over the landfill hill we put wind generators at the top. This will also help us in another way, as it channels the water off the landfill to prevent erosion and we can put a cement ditch at bottom of the rounded out "U" shaped mini-valleys or canyons. Along these ditches we can place bumps to slow the water flows and cause aeration of the run-off to improve water quality as well.Let's kill multiple birds with one stone in our search for alternative energies and making the most out of what we use. Renewable energies make sense and will help municipalities, counties and landfill partnerships save money. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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