CO Laser Race Car Propulsion Post Engine Exhaust Enhancement

We love to watch car races and Americans have both a love for the automobile and a love for competitive racing, but what about the future of racing with jet cars or better yet laser powered ground transportation propulsion systems?.What if we re-designed the racecar motors and powerful engines of today and modernized them with a 10-fold of innovative futuristic research and development. Basically I am talking about building the next generation of CO2 Laser Powered racecar motors which will take auto racing in the Indy Car Series and NASCAR to a whole new level. How is that possible Lance, you ask?.

Well consider a diesel- powered motor, which is designed to put out good power and lots of pollution. Pollution you say? I though environmentalism is on the rise along with Al Gore's Doom and Gloom of Global Warming and Climate Change? Yes well hear me out on this idea. We run smaller diesel motors that put out more CO2 not less and then we take the exhaust and run it thru a large number of parallel pipes which somewhat restrict its flow.

Next we put a reflector in each of the pipes and hook them up to one laser, which sends light into each tube over cooking the CO2 and use that for our propulsion. It will burn up all the CO2 and cause a significant reaction, which we can use for additional propulsion. Lets run our racecars on God's creation; Let there be light. Gentleman and Ladies Start Your Engines.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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