CO Laser Kill Using Enemies Exhaust

The US Military has developed laser weapons, which are very powerful and can be put on aerial platforms such as a C-130 or a 747. Such weapons will be able to secure our nation from threats and prevent attacks and perhaps even shoot down incoming ICBMs in the event a rouge nation ends up with long-range missile capable of delivering biological or nuclear weapons.In the battlespace such a weapon could send long range laser shots hundreds of miles away without getting close to the target and thus out of danger. Additionally Beyond Line of Sight reflectors perhaps on aerial lighter than air craft could mean thousands of miles of distance. But I believe that there is another way to make these weapons work without having to carry so much volital gas on board.

You see I believe there is a way to use the exhaust from the enemies own aircraft to charge the laser and therefore allow the laser weapon to use it. Once the laser is focused onto the enemy's exhaust it will ignite a super reaction and since that exhaust goes back to the aircraft or missile in question, the target could easily be destroyed. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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