Clothes Choosing Robots

Many women spend many unnecessary hours trying to decide what to wear. It is amazing the time spend. They will try on an outfit and decide the shoes do not match the way they wish or that the entire outfit sends the wrong message. Then if they change the shoes then the outfit does not make sense. If they change the dress or outfit then they have to change the shoes and the whole thing starts all over again. Oh the decisions of life.

The important part of picking out an outfit to wear is to make sure it sends the correct message to the other guests or those at the business meeting. But what is today's message? The message must fit the mood of moment and the one you wish to convey. I have the answer!.

I propose a clothes-choosing robot, which will decide for you. Now you are probably saying well that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I say to the critics; "No it is not, you have indeed heard dumber ideas, so hear me out!".

You see this is a special robot, which senses your ELF or extremely low frequencies coming from your brain. It senses you mood and then gives you advise based on that. Once it is turned on, it scans you're your brain and takes a digital picture of you and your complexion and colors. It then senses your infrared signature and can tell your level of excitement and/or anxiety. Next the robot goes into the closet picks out your clothes and then lays them on the bed for you to decide. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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