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" offers 17 Million College Students a Way out of Their Cell Phone Contracts without Penalty" has launched the world's first online service that gives approximately 17 million college students a way out of their cellular phone contracts without paying early termination fees or harming their credit ratings. Cellular service providers such as Cingular, Verizon, T-mobile, and Nextel require a 1-2 year cellular service agreement to activate their service.

After signing a binding contract, students and especially transfer students often find that they have inadequate service on campus. College students that were dissatisfied had two options to exit their contract before, pay a $150-$250 early contract termination fee per line or they could transfer their contract responsibility to someone else.

Students wanting to get out of their contract would often get meager results from asking friends and family to take over, and those same students would remain "stuck" to avoid costly termination fees. "Too often, we see students not paying their cell phone bill either because they are financially overstretched or because they've gotten so annoyed with inadequate cell phone service they simply don't pay their bill. The fact remains that they are in a contract and some will do harm to their credit ratings before they even get their diploma. We hope to give students more options.

" says Craig Wurtenberg, co-founder of provides a solution to this dilemma. Celltradeusa.

com has expanded the transfer of contract responsibility that service providers already offer. Whereas each customer had only one or two people to ask to take over their contract, they now have access to a nationwide network of deal-seeking customers that are willing to take over their contract. facilitates the transfer process by allowing its Get Out and Get In members to register for free, and provides an incentive system based on free phones, cash, and other "creative" barter arrangements to entice people to take over contracts. The Get Out customer is free and clear once a match is made and the transfer process is completed with the respective provider. Get Out and Get In members can now switch carriers when they want regardless of how many months left in their contracts, avoid those high termination fees, and take their numbers with them. (Celltradeusa.

com is always Free to register, but is a paid subscription service that helps to avoid $150-250 termination fees. fees are 19.99 for the person getting out of their contract and always Free for the person getting In.) For further information, go to www. and please speak with Eric Wurtenberg at 1-888-991-6177) Media Contact: Eric Wurtenberg 1-888-991-6177 201-889-8689 ( cell ) .

By: Craig Wurtenberg

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