Captured Enemy MicroMechanical MAVs for Spare Parts

In the future battlespace you may deploy hundreds of thousands of tiny micro-mechanical devices in swarms and send them to overwhelm your enemy. These little buggers will basically be mechanical insect size flying suicide bombers; picture an African Killer Bee Swarm taking down a Caribou in the wild? They could do it, but luckily Caribous live in colder climates.But if these little units are robotic, well let's just say your enemy does not have a prayer to get away. Remember the book "PREY" by Michael Crieghton? You are not the only ones, so did a lot of researchers from MIT and Berkeley too. And this concept has indeed caught the eye of the US Military now working on it.Well if such a swarm of little tiny robotic insects is so powerful, then surely you enemy will build them too.

Luckily I have designed several methods to defeat organic insect swarms controlled remotely and actual autonomous micro robotic man-made swarms as well. Now then what can we do once we have defeated these micro-mechanical flying swarm devices? Well let's use them for spare parts. How so you ask?.Well simple really collect them via a vacuum unit, ionic attraction or magnet if possible and then take them to a micro-robotic re-assembly and recycling unit. None exist we must spend R and D money to create this now, because in the next two-decades we will need them to stay efficient.Additionally they must clean the devices from the enemy and sterilize them incase they might have been carrying biological weapons agents, then very quickly disassemble them and categorically separate parts out.

Then re-assembly with the needed parts from our arsenal and new communication re-configuring with the nodes and motes to insure they can complete our new mission. Then we send them back at the enemy. Serves them right to screw with us.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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