Battery Signature Sensors to Detect Enemy UAVs

We must develop a new type of radar sensor one which can see an unmanned aerial vehicle even if it is made of lightweight material with little if any radar signature or it is of a superior shape, which is hard to see. In the future UAVs both ours and our enemies will indeed run on the latest high-tech futuristic batteries being charged by fuel cells.If the new morphing techniques eliminate much of the drag and the wake turbulence signature and if the aircraft are silent and if the aircraft give off little or no heat; then how can you see them? Well, how about the frequency difference between batteries and electromagnetic energy in static air and ambient air.

I propose we start now ahead of this game and design and build such a detection device to pick up battery energy and record those anomalies as disruptions for detection of enemy UAVs.Further since this strategy will be used in the future we must figure out new materials to hide this energy and ways re-direct the electric signature of batteries back into a close loop system which indeed prevent any detectable anomaly. How much money should be allotted to this? Well if you consider the amount of unmanned aerial vehicle expenditures and the cost to replace them if an enemy shoots them all down and how that would render much of our flying robotic war strategy in the modern net-centric battlespace; then I would say a bundle. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Post Secondary Education

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