Artificial Intelligent Androids and Armageddon

Many science-fiction writers have written about the date when robots will take over the world and start a war killing all humans. If you are human such talk perhaps concerns you a bit. I suppose I do not blame you. After all humans with their soft shell are no match for the high-tech alloy construction we are promised with future robotic artificial intelligent androids, which may last generations. In our meet of such robots could terminate vast numbers of humans in a city or town in no time.

We have all seen Hollywood movies depicting robots killing humans and many futurists predict of this future risk. That is to say in the year 2050 it could all be possible; on the tombstone it read "death by robots." Of course if humans are programming these artificial intelligent robotic androids then of course surely they will program them to; "Never harm a human!" Yet at the same time many of the Military Initiatives for the "Future Fighting Force" include robotic war fighters and artificially intelligent fighting machines.In fact we are already seeing the beginning of this with unmanned aerial vehicles in the new net-centric style of war in the modern battlespace. So, what will the future hold, robotic armies sent in to kill the enemy? What if our domestic robotic companions which will have artificial intelligence and be able to learn hear of this and rather fancy the idea of exterminating humans? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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