Artificial Brains and AI Merging of Organic and Silicon Chip

Today scientists are growing brain cells of animals in petri dishes and then putting electrodes into them and using the brain cells to do tasks based on stimuli and then move the electrical impulses into other electrodes. Scientists and researchers are also using human and chimpanzees in experiments where by the subject thinks a thought and is able to fire an electrode to more something else on a computer screen.This is just the beginning and indeed these scientific endeavors will help people see who are blind via optic sensors. Allow people who are deaf to hear thru electro-mechanical devices and vibration sensors and even amputees move limbs wirelessly by thought alone. Very cool stuff and the medical implications are true miracles and marvels of science.Although a brain transplant has not been done yet, eventually a person whose body is worn out may be able to hook themselves up to a machine which will regulate a steady blood flow to the brain and have electrodes and sensors attached for that brain to communicate with whomever it pleases perhaps thru the Internet? Some religious folks decry such talk, although they should not be so shocked as usually science is about 50 to 100 years behind science fiction and thus give it another 20 years or so and it will all be possible you watch.

Consider this in 2006.

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